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Larch is a coniferous tree common in Russia. This is the only coniferous species in which the needles fall in the winter, like deciduous trees. Due to the natural properties of its wood, larch is ideal for the production of building and finishing materials.

Building materials made of larch have a wide variety of profiles and are used to solve any construction problems.

Larch is used:

In floor coverings – larch floor board, lining, massive parquet board, terrace board, deck board, decking

For the manufacture and cladding of walls – logs, lining, blockhouse, plank for external and internal decoration, edged board

In moulded products – plinth, block, plat band, rail, corner, etc.


The benefits of larch lumber

High durability – According to this indicator, larch is not inferior to oak. Its wood is also resistant to mechanical damage and impact, and also durable.

Resistance to decay – Gum present in wood prevents rotting and fungus formation.

Inaccessible to bark beetles – Natural phytoncides present in wood repel insects.

Moisture resistance

Due to the higher density, the moisture absorption of larch wood is much lower than that of pine. Lumber is successfully used in rooms with a high degree of humidity – they do not swell and do not deform. Moreover, being in the water, the tree does not decay and does not decompose – a historical example: Venice mainly stands on larch piles.

Fire resistance – it is as twice high as pine wood. Larch resin acts as a flame retardant, which increases its fire resistance.

Aesthetics – Beautiful texture and all kinds of shades from pale cream to fiery red allow you to strengthen the architectural and design capabilities of this wood.